Drive effective communication
across teams.

Mobile App for iOS / Android


Synology Chat facilitates collaboration through the messaging service on mobile devices. You can utilize Synology Chat to respond any urgent messages wherever you go, or organize and share information with your team members to improve communication efficiency.


We need to make sure the function and experience on Chat mobile is consistent with the web version.

My Role

In Synology’s development flow, we started from the web application, and continue to work on the mobile software, based on presentation and operation on different platforms.

Main screen & Navigation menu

Simple design style

Message functionalities

With various functions provided in Synology Chat, we have produced different mock-up lists for user tests. The presentation on the first layer is our final choice, so users would be able to quickly select these functions. The photo upload process is also optimized on mobile as we see the demand of sharing photos on mobile devices.

Threaded messages

Important messages are pinned as a post, and will be presented in cards. Users are able to comment directly on a specific message to ensure the discussion is centered on specific topics. All threaded messages are well-organized in the collection panel.


In 2017, we provided the vote function in Chat, ensuring the better efficiency of opinion collection. We also designed more advanced settings in a poll, such as attachment upload, anonymous vote, additional options allowed, and expiration settings, etc.

Style guideline

Color Theme






Action Icons