Acer Clock

Tablet app


This is one of the applications in Acer 24 Hours plan, and mainly focuses on the experience of the time before users fall asleep. Users can connect Acer tablet to a physical dock, and the app will be auto-activated. Users then will choose the clock in their time zone, along with the music or live broadcast for better sleep. Fade-out function is available for music, and alarm can also be easily configured.


A set of default wallpapers is required. After the trial of various effects, we have selected the shadow effects from geometric figures, using 3D software to present the spacial perceptions. Additionally we overlaid the noise effect to exhibit the paper texture, and further reveal the flat and simple design of the clock.


July- Dec 2014

My Role

UI designer


Android tablet

Digital clock & Analog clock style

Visually there are two clock style, digital and traditional clock. Hours and minutes are in different font style. The traditional clock is presented with simple geometric combinations. Multiple clocks for different time zones are provided for business customers.

Broadcast settings

Radio broadcast is available for the pre-sleeping music, and you can set up your own favorite channels.

Music selection

Playback your favorite album or music for sleeping.

Alarm settings

Multiple alarms can be configured.

Set Alarm